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Success Stories

Quotes right“My experience with A Lighter Touch is a wonderful relaxing experience. emphasizing energy healing as well as my main problem of muscle tightness and back pain. I would highly recommend Raisy Gittler. Her professionalism speaks volumes.”

~R.M Embassy Lakes, Fl


Sunset Quotes“Mrs. Raisy Gittler provides excellent professional services. She is a pleasure as a provider and very gently addresses any problem areas to resolve muscle tension and cramps in a relaxing and warm environment. Her therapy is adapted to the patients needs for that visit. I have always enjoyed her massage therapy and felt better afterwards. I am looking forward to our next session. I can recommend Raisy’s massage therapy without any reservations.”

~D.R. North Miami Beach. Fl


Quotes right“Just before having surgery, I contacted Raisy Gittler, LMT ( A Lighter Touch) to do some preparatory energy work with me. She is a well-trained, well-informed, gentle massage therapist. She sensitized me as to what I should focus on before, during and after surgery and had me formulate the appropriate accompanying messages. SHe reinforced these with her energy techniques both before and after surgery. I was well prepared for my surgery and very relaxed. I was not nauseous from the anesthesia, which I had been in the past. My healing has been rapid. Thank you , Raisy”

~Tamara R. Cohen Hollywood,Fl

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