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For Women Age 39 & Better

Women who are age 39 and better can often experience health issues that therapeutic massage and healing modalities can address effectively.

Migraines. Nausea. Vertigo. Memory Slippage. Body Aches. Skin Problems. Insomnia. Anxiety. Low Energy. Lack of Focus and Mystery Pain.

The answer is adopting a balanced and whole-body approach to your health and well-being.

Hi, I am Raisy Gittler LMT, CHTP
Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Women’s Health (MA49037)

. . . and I’ve spent a lifetime understanding and addressing women’s health issues—from everyday aches and pains to the more challenging and less frequent health issues that women experience.

The Integrative Therapies found here at A Lighter Touch are shown to enhance and improve the outcomes of modern medical treatments and also work as a stand-alone therapy.

Feel Better. Heal Faster. Find Clarity. Re-Invigorate. Achieve Balance. Eliminate Pain. Regain Your Youthful Movement.

By engaging your own body’s inherent healing process, the doctor recommended therapies found at A Lighter Touch speed your recovery and lead you towards a more vibrant and balanced state of health.



You can achieve better outcomes with proven pre-surgery preparation and practices.

Essential Oils Ft. Lauderdale Florida


More and more people are discovering the many health benefits of essential oils—Now it’s your turn!

Energy Healing Ft. Lauderdale Florida
Therapeutic Massage Women Ft. Lauderdale


Our time together begins with a discussion of your wellness needs to create the best personalized session for YOU!

Woman's massage ft. lauderdale


Are you in pain yet your doctors can’t find anything wrong with you? Vibrational Therapy has shown to help “mysterious” ailments.





Quotes right“My experience with A Lighter Touch is a wonderful relaxing experience. emphasizing energy healing as well as my main problem of muscle tightness and back pain. I would highly recommend Raisy Gittler. Her professionalism speaks volumes.”

~R.M Embassy Lakes, Fl

“Mrs. Raisy Gittler provides excellent professional services. She is a pleasure as a provider and very gently addresses any problem areas to resolve muscle tension and cramps in a relaxing and warm environment. Her therapy is adapted to the patients needs for that visit. I have always enjoyed her massage therapy and felt better afterwards. I am looking forward to our next session. I can recommend Raisy’s massage therapy without any reservations.”

~D.R. North Miami Beach. Fl

Quotes right“Just before having surgery, I contacted Raisy Gittler, LMT ( A Lighter Touch) to do some preparatory energy work with me. She is a well-trained, well-informed, gentle massage therapist. She sensitized me as to what I should focus on before, during and after surgery and had me formulate the appropriate accompanying messages. SHe reinforced these with her energy techniques both before and after surgery. I was well prepared for my surgery and very relaxed. I was not nauseous from the anesthesia, which I had been in the past. My healing has been rapid. Thank you , Raisy”

~T. Cohen Hollywood,Fl

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Phone: 954-962-8287
License #MA49037

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