Pre & Post Surgery

You can prepare yourself to feel positive and calm before surgery or any medical treatment.

Learn how to help your body heal itself faster afterwards, by addressing yourself as a whole person – Body, Mind and Spirit.

Be an active participant in your own healing process to achieve:

Pain ReliefHealFaster_250pxWBORDER
Accelerated Healing
Stress Reduction
Immune System Support
Prevent Nausea from the anesthesia


The list below contains some of the different modalities that we can work with. Together we can use one or incorporate many, to create a unique approach to your healing.

Beyond Surgery Program
Prepare for Surgery/Heal Faster Program
Guided Imagery
Breathing Techniques
BodyTalk – Access
EFT-Anxiety Release Technique


Hospitals are opening themselves up to the use of integrative therapies. Some have Reiki practitioners on staff and offer aromatherapy oils in pre-op waiting areas. If your hospital does not offer these services then I am available to come to you in the hospital and to make a home visit afterwards.

Please watch the video below to learn more
Prepare For Surgery, Heal Faster – YouTube.

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